Brittany Alexander

Testing. Supporting. Creating.



I provide effective and useful QA solutions for large scale software projects. Leveraging the best technologies to create test solutions for any situation, that makes you confident your putting the best product forward. I take pride in the tests I create and implement. Start testing early or you will be playing catch up for the foreseeable future.


I strive to make lasting impressions on customers. Providing Customer Support Solutions that everyone involved will appreciate. Think QA Developer meets Customer Support. I am a Developer with the desire and skill set to talk to customers. Allowing your company to avoid the run and around between clients and development teams while giving your clients high end support experiences.



Helping to create software and web content that is powerful and useful to clients. Learning as I grow to push myself to the next level. Specializing in creating websites that customers can manage without employing a full time developer.

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(443) 937-5059

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Washington D.C.